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           Product quick selection
           Conductive plastic potentiometer
           Conductive plastic potentiometer
           Conductive plastic potentiometer
           Conductive plastic potentiometer
           Synthetic carbon film potentiometer
           The electronic feet & Slide potentiometer
             Dongtai Henry Electronic Components Co., Ltd. mainly produces House (HOSS) brand potentiometer. The company is engaged in the domestic potential, angular displacement sensor, electronic foot production and operation of enterprises; first research, development, production WDJ series WS26 PT series enterprise; is the earliest printed conductive plastic potentiometer, product life $ 100 million to 10 million times enterprise the ordinary product life of up to 50,000 times. After years of hard work and the customer has been to support and love, has developed into a domestic large-scale supplier of electronic components. Unique screen printing long life slurry and Production recognized similar foreign factories, many of the world's renowned manufacturers in Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and ou...
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